Research Revelations Episode 8.0 – Improvisations and Composites

Germaine Ingram sheds light on improvisation in the archive and sparks a new idea for Charlyn Griffith-Oro, who has been searching for the pieces that will show how their black and indigenous ancestors cultivated land in and around Philadelphia. “Improvisation, when done well, represents a way of knowing … a willingness to embrace uncertainty.”

In the intro, you’ll hear Charlyn misgendered with the pronoun “her,” then correctly referenced as “they.” PACSCL apologizes for the mistake and for any confusion.


Sources/References mentioned in this episode:

The President’s House, Philadelphia

Girard College, Founder’s Hall Museum

Article: Improvisation and Arts-Based Research [opens to PDF]

Nancy Stark Smith

KJ Holmes

Music credits:

Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod

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