Research Revelations Episode 7.0 – Online Research and Revelatory Rabbit Holes


The project director’s research has been curtailed by the pandemic, too, and this week, you can really hear her struggles in dealing with quarantine and how it compares to the process of being physically present in the archives. You’ll also hear about how chasing tangents can lead you down a revelatory rabbit hole. 

Philadelphia in the Influenza Encyclopedia

Goin’ North Oral Histories (if you search “flu,” here are the interviews that come up)

Side note from Mariam: shortly after we recorded this episode, I started reading Conjure Women, by Afia Atakora, and there the healing woman was, using asafetida. I now can’t remember the scene, but I was excited to see it referenced in a historical novel about African American women healers.

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Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod

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